Questionable commercials

Who doesn’t sit before a TV set and rant about something on the screen? This is my latest.

I’ve been ranting about two commercials lately and wondering if the companies behind them have thought them through.

Let’s start with Xfinity, my cable provider, which is running a commercial that begins with grandparents learning they are out of it because they don’t have wireless, etc., and the grandchildren are reluctantly visiting for the holidays.

So the grandparents quickly contact Xfinity and get up to speed in less than a minute. Family arrives and grandfather uses the remote to say “Merry Christmas, you filthy animals,” meaning the grandchildren.

What grandparent would ever say that to a grandchild? We hug our grandchildren when they visit and make sure they have all the passwords they need.

Whatever Xfinity Xecutive approved that commercial should be looking for a new job.

The other questionable commercial comes to us courtesy of Dodge. Two Dodge Durangos with evergreen trees tied to their roofs race through an urban street and then they stop at a red light. There we see that all of the trees’ needles are gone, an indication of how fast the cars were going.

But, wait, it gets better.

As we know from the start, the cars contain families and the commercial is overlaid with holiday music.

So Dodge is not only pushing unsafe driving, but with families in Durangos during the holidays.

Another executive who should be out of work.

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  1. I have been informed that the point of shouting "Mary Christmas, you filthy animals" prompts the remove to find a certain movie in which that soundbite occurs. I would have picked a different soundbite and I would have explained it better. The commercial fails.