Let the Fundraising Begin

As I reported earlier, I did not get Guggenheim funding for my photo project Pennsylvania Barn Stories. (Scroll down a couple of screens to see that entry.)

So now I’m trying something called Kickstarter, which coincidentally was the subject of a story in the New York Times about the same time I received Kickstarter approval for my project.

I want to raise $5,000, which will cover gas and mileage and motel rooms as I traipse about Pennsylvania photographing barns. I’ve identified about 40 barns so far and expect to learn about more when I attend the annual meeting of the Historic Barn and Farm Foundation of Pennsylvania in June.

As that group does every year, there will be a barn tour, this time in Lebanon County. Likewise, historical societies in various Pennsylvania counties also schedule barn tours and so I’ll have more barns lined up by summer’s end.

As of today, I’ve raised 10 percent of my goal. If I don’t raise $5,000, I receive nothing. If you’d like to contribute, click here.