End the Embargo on Cuba

The death of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, was a blow to his country, but it may have been a bigger one to the people of Cuba. Chavez was the patron saint of Cuba, providing, among other things, subsidized oil to a country lacking the means to pay full freight. 

I was in Cuba when Chavez died and can attest that the country was in a state of shock. People were wondering if Chavez’s successor would be as generous as Chavez. 
Instead of letting the Cubans fret, the United States should seize this opportunity to befriend them by ending our embargo. China is another influential country in Cuba and I can see that influence growing. 

Given that we once were ready to go to war over Soviet missiles in Cuba, why should now stand by and let China bunk 90 miles from our country? 

Embrace Cuba now.