The Great Triscuit Breakdown

It’s strange the things that get me going. Besides coffee.

A lot of times in the evening I like to cut slices of cheese, usually Irish or Basque, and put them on crackers. But not just any cracker; I like Triscuits with a hint of salt, made by Nabisco, part of Kraft Foods and probably some place in Bain Capital’s food chain.

But anywhere from a third to a half of any box is useless for my purposes because the crackers are so broken up that they couldn't even hold the shavings of cheese, let alone a slice. Just look at the photo on the box versus the slivers on my plate.

I suppose I could spread something on the slivers, but the effort I’d exert versus the return would not be worth it.

I sent a complaint via the Internet. That was an experience. They wanted all kinds of information from the box, some of which I could not find. They even wanted to know what I paid for the box and how many boxes were affected.

This all points to refund, but I don’t want a refund. I want my boxes of Triscuits to come with the crackers intact. No more slivers. No more breakage.

I’ll add a postscript to this when I find out. 


We appreciate you taking the time to visit us at http://www.nabiscoworld.com and for letting us know about your experience.
I am sorry your Triscuits were broken. The product you purchased is certainly not up to our high quality standards. The breakage you're describing may have been caused by improper handling during processing, packaging, and/or distribution.

I will bring this to attention of our Quality Control and Production staff. I will be sending coupon reimbursement to you via first class mail which you should receive within 7 to 10 working days.
Please know that we've taken steps to minimize the possibility of this happening again.
Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relation