The Hidden Contents of Barns

I was looking at some old photographs the other day and came across this one, which I took on a barn tour in June. I was surprised to see the old sign; I was even more surprised at how orderly the space was, given that a lot of barns, especially ones no longer used for farming, became junk pits.

This is a working barn, though, and I believe the owner also collects signs. Note the sign in the upper left corner.

I was in another barn filled with stuff and the stuff included a one-horse sleigh. Over the fields and through the woods ...

Some barns house old equipment that no longer works, but you can't always get a good photograph because you'd have to venture into the barn and you're not sure the floor is that solid. I've heard stories of people falling through what was a rotted floor. Fortunately, they lived.

The next time you pass a barn, think about what might be inside. 

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