Why Republicans Are Fighting an Uphill Battle in New Mexico

Mr. Dooley dropped by my office the other day to provide some insight on the current state of political affairs in New Mexico. I wasn’t taking notes so this is from memory and it’s not in his Irish brogue. I can’t write like he talks. I can’t even talk like he talks.
Dooley: So, Berner, you’re looking forward to the next round of elections in The Land of Enchantment?
Berner: Should be interesting. No incumbent for governor. Republicans could win.
D: Not a chance.
B: Why not?
D: When you hear Republicans talk, what do they say?
B: Here, they’re talking about how corrupt the state is.
D: What else?
B: How fiscally conservative they are.
D: Right. To cut to the chase, they say: Less government, lower taxes. Right?
B: Sure. All Republicans say that.
D: Let’s discuss issues. Let’s start with DWI.
B: That’s a big issue in New Mexico. The party that can solve that can reign forever.
D: So here’s the Republican response: Less government, lower taxes.
B: What’s wrong with that?
D: How does that solve the DWI problem?
B: Beats me.
D: What’s another issue?
B: I have to admit that public education is in a sorry state. Even I am shocked at the political meddling that’s going on in higher education.
D: So here’s the Republican response: Less government, lower taxes.
(I didn’t say anything and Mr. Dooley kept talking.)
Voters are not terribly bright and in New Mexico I sense they’ll just vote for the Democrats. But think about it. The Democrats have been in power a long time. DWI became a problem on their watch. Low achievement in the public schools—on the their watch. But the voters don’t see that and the Republicans don’t get it. Look, if you want less government and lower taxes, it means you’re not going to work at solving the DWI problem and the low academic achievement in the public schools. And all the other problems that people expect government to solve.
(I just listened.)
So the Democrats win every time. Only losers are the people. But, hey, they love their lower taxes.
On that note, Mr. Dooley left New Mexico for Pennsylvania.

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  1. Mr. Dooley lives!!! So glad to encounter him again. Hope you see more of him, and report on those conversations!