Pixels and Bristles™

One of the things Paulette and I have been doing in our retirement is honing our creative skills. I’ve done a lot with graphic design and photography, and she’s taken many painting courses. I bought her a digital camera so she could take photos of things she wanted to paint. Sharing is a nice concept, but not when it comes to a camera. Having separate cameras has uncomplicated our creative lives.

But rather than bifurcating our work, it’s actually put us on a joint path and we’ve just begun something called Pixels and Bristles™, which is a trademark I applied for last week. Here’s what it entails:

We had decided last year to do a commercial photobook of a pending trip to Italy. Having been on such trips before, we know that people on the trip want a memento. But until I took some courses on creating photobooks beginning in 2006, I had no idea how to proceed. And now that Paulette has several painting courses to her credit, we have a plan.

The photobook idea has morphed into a book that will contain my photos and her paintings (which will be based on her photos). We’ve already done a trial run and you can check it out and download it for free at www.lulu.com. It’s titled Dry Run: Pixels and Bristles™.

You can see the cover illustration above. I learned in a Photoshop course this spring how to blend a scan of one of Paulette’s paintings of one of my photographs with one of my actual photographs.

We’d like to know what you think of the dry run and the idea.


  1. I love the concept, and think your Dry Run looks good. Can't wait to see the Tuscany book! (I also think your trademark Pixels and Bristles is inspired!)

  2. Took you up on the free "Dry Run" download offer, and enjoyed both photographs and paintings. The juxtaposition truly does highlight the differing visual perceptions of individuals viewing the same landscape (as it were); a much more creative take on a concept long of interest in the legal field re the reliability of eyewitness accounts. Great idea; run w/ it (no pun intended!).